Welcome to Jiaganj - Azimganj Municipality

Jiaganj-Azimganj Municipality is one of the oldest municipalities in Murshidabad district. The twin town is situated on the opposite banks of the river Bhagirathi, a branch of river Ganges. Jiaganj (24.23°N 88.27°E) is on the east side while Azimganj (24.23°N 88.25°E) is on the west. The municipal area is surrounded by Murshidabad town in the south, vast land of Bhagabangolla in the North and while in the east and west sides by the Rada area of Nabagram and Sagardighi. This conglomeration of ancient Gauda (North Bengal) and Rada area constituting this municipality was a part of Murshidabad municipality till 1896 when it was curved out as a separate municipal area.  Read More